20 Mar 2014

The Day Of Judgement

Lesson Objectives:
- Understand that the purpose of life is to follow Allah’s rules and do good deeds
- Understand the concept of Qiyama as a day when all our deeds will be weighed
- Understand that every good action is recorded and rewarded

Quran Verse:
Najzil Muhsineen
Allah rewards those who do good 77:44

Lesson Introduction:
Nobody can live forever. All of us will die one day. It is Allah who has created us and gives us life, and it is Allah who will decide when to end our life and take us back to Him.

So why did Allah create us? Did we just come into the world to have fun, go to school, get a job, do whatever we want, and then die? Is that it, or is there a reason?

Allah tells us in the Qur’an that He has created life and death as a test to see who is the best in deeds (67:2)

That means that life is like a competition. It’s a race where we must try to do as many good deeds as we can before our time is up and we are called back to Allah.

Allah has given us clear rules on how to live. He has explained which things we are allowed to do and which are not.

Allah tells us in the Qur’an, about Qiyama. The day of judgement, when Allah will bring us all back to life. It will be a very long and hot day. A recording of our whole life will be shown to us. All of our deeds, good and bad, will be weighed. It is on the day of judgement that we will get our results and find how well we did.

Allah tells us, ‘najzil muhsineen’, that ‘He rewards those who do good’. Every deed, however small you think it is, will be counted! Whoever’s scales are heavy with good deeds, will enter Jannah! 

Activity: Race to do good!
Place a 1 minute egg timer and count/write how many good deeds the child can think of. The winner is the one who can think of the most! Can also be played in teams.
Set a digital timer and use it to play pass the parcel, with the timer symbolising the limited time we have on Earth. Have the children think of a good deed while they hold the clock and then pass it on. When the timer rings, the child left holding it is out. Every child is a winner as they all spent their time doing good deeds!

Download complete lesson plan The Day Of Judgement 

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