16 May 2014

Every Good Act Is Charity

Lesson Objectives:
- To learn the importance of charity, different forms of giving, the right intention, and its benefits.

Quran Verse:
Rush to do good 2:148
Fastabiqul khayraat

Key Learning Point:

Everyday we must share with others what Allah has given us. Allah loves those who do good, and He loves it even more when you rush to do good.
Every good deed is charity, even smiling :)
We must make sure our reason for doing the good deed is only for Allah and not show off to others, or moan while doing it. That would make our good deed go to waste.
Sharing what we have and giving charity is a blessing and Allah always rewards us with more than we give.

Song: Give a little of yourself by Dawud Wharnsby
Activity: Charity Worksheet
Activity: Pop before it drops!
Activity: The right intention
Activity: Allah multiplies rewards!

Pray Together
O Allah help us to always be grateful for all the blessings you have given us and make us generous and able to share them with others.Let us always remember that every good we do is only for You!

Download Complete Lesson Plan: Every Good Act Is Charity

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