20 Jun 2014

Year 1: Qur'an Verses Summary

I AM A MUSLIM (Year 1)
Lesson plans for each week during one academic year for children aged 5-7 years. The topics covered provide a foundation for what it means to be a Muslim.

Hajj Activities eBook
Wa ahsinDo good 28:77
La tusrifu, Do not waste 7:31
Ooshkurolilah, Be grateful 2:172

Muharram: Lessons from Karbala eBook

Kono ma'as sadiqeen: Stand for the truth
AtiullahObey Allah 4:59
T'aawanu alal birri, Be a good friend 5:2
Usbiroo: Be patient
OdooneeTalk to Allah 40:60
Living Karbala Everyday

Rabil Awwal: Prophet Muhammad eBook
The Life of the Holy Prophet (S) 
Atiurrasool: Follow the Prophet

Animals from the Quran
Handprint Animals Book
Innallaha 'ala kulli shayin qadeerGod is the most Powerful 35:1
Jahido fi sabilihi, Do your best for God 5:35
Tafakkaroona fi khalqi, Think about Allah's creation 3:191

Islamic Beliefs eBook
Surah Ikhlas and Asmaul Husna: There is only One God 112:1
AminubillahProphet Nuh and belief in Allah 4:136
U'diloGod is Just 5:8
Najzil muhsineenAllah rewards those who do good 77:44
Usool e Deen

Bibi Fatima (a)Wa bil walidayni ihsana: Goodness to parents 17:23

Imam Ali (a), Kalima and Nahjul Balagha
Fastabiqul khayrat, Rush to do good 2:148
Udhkurullaha katheerunRemember Allah Much! 8:45

AstaghfirullahProphet Yunus and forgiveness
Imam Mahdi (ATF)
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