14 May 2015


Lesson Objectives:
- To understand the need to protect the soul
- To know what the soul needs protection from
- To understand what dressing in taqwa means
- To understand the importance of having taqwa

Quran Verse:
Wa libaasut taqwa dhalika khayr
The clothing of taqwa is the best 7:26

Key Learning Point:
When we wear the clothing of taqwa, we put on a protective suit that makes us aware of Allah at all times. It gives you strength to make the right choice and fight away the bad whispers that try to make you do what is wrong, and harm the soul. Taqwa is the most important piece of clothing we must wear everyday! It protects the soul and keeps it clean and beautiful.


Download Complete Lesson Plan: Taqwa: Protecting Your Soul

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