17 Apr 2016

Goodness Workshop

A Lesson on Goodness delivered for Year 2 children at Mini Momins, interactive workshop sessions focused around lessons from the Qur'an. Links are given for all the activities and demonstrations used to help engage the children and provide a fun, practical and hands-on experience. 

Quranic verses:
Wa Ahsin, Do good 28:77
Innallaha yuhibul Muhsineen, Allah loves those who do good 2:195

Allah tells us in the Qur’an that the reason He has created us is to see who is the best in deeds (67:2)
Our time on Earth is like a race, a competition, to try and do as many good deeds as we can before we return back to Allah.
Visual Demo: Pop Before It Drops

In the Qur’an, Allah has given us clear rules on how to live.
Allah tells us wa ahsin, do good. Allah loves the Muhsineen!
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the best example of goodness.

Goodness In Actions
We must show what it means to be a Muslim by behaving in the way Allah has told us. Spend your time doing good to everyone around.
ACTIVITY: Guess The Deed
Good deeds are magnetic. Every time you do a good deed, Allah pulls you closer to Him! It’s like getting a special hug from someone who loves you so much! To stay close to Allah, do what He loves.
ACTIVITY: Good Deed Magnet

Goodness In Words
Think before you speak: Is it true/helpful/kind?
VISUAL DEMO: Think Before You Speak

Goodness In Thoughts
You always have a choice to make the right decision.
Before you do anything, think, would this action take me closer to Allah and make Him happy?
Every good deed must be done with the right intention, ‘fisabililah’, only for Allah, otherwise our good deed goes to waste.
VISUAL DEMO: The Right Intention

TAKE HOME CRAFT: The Road Of Goodness

Use the pack containing objects used in the lesson as a review at the end. 
The reverse of the sheet within the pack, contains the lesson summary for parents to discuss together with their child.

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