20 Feb 2017

The Act of Wudhu

Quran Verse:
Allahu yuhhibul muttahireen
Allah loves those who keep pure and clean 9:108

Wudhu is a special type of washing which Allah teaches us about in the Qur'an 5:6 (An easy way to remember the chapter number is that there are 5 prayers). The actions for wudhu were shown to us by the Holy Prophet when he returned from Me'raj.

Wudhu is a way to help us prepare us for salaa. But if we just blast open the tap and rush through the actions, it doesn't really benefit us in the same way. Every action must be done with care and remembrance of Allah.

If we were to stop and just think about the water we are about to use, it would remind us of Allah in so many ways!

The word wudhu comes from the Arabic word wada'ah which means beauty and purity. When we do wudhu properly and try to stay in wudhu as much as we can, it purifies our soul and makes it beautiful!

Activity: Qualities of Water
Brainstorm how reflecting on water helps us remember Allah. 
Watch the beautiful explanation What is Wudhu? 

It is mustahab, highly recommended to try to be in wudhu all the time. To help you build up to something which may seem difficult at first, start by trying to make it a habit to do wudhu before you go to bed. Sleeping in wudhu earns you the reward of worshiping all night! Then start making wudhu every time you go to the toilet. Try to do wudhu before you go to mosque too.

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