16 Jun 2017

Paper Plate Rotating Moon

Lesson Objective:
- To understand that the moon goes around the earth
- To know that it takes about 29 days to complete the lunar cycle.
- To know that the moon looks different depending on the time of the month.

Activity: The Moon goes around The Earth
Place a globe at the centre of a circle and have the children walk around it as they chant the moon song to the tune of 'The farmer's in his den'.
 "The Moon goes round the Earth, The Moon goes round the Earth, once a month, every month, The Moon goes round the Earth". 

Activity: Paper Plate Rotating Moon
Use a paper plate, earth circle cut out, an arrow and a moon circle sticker to illustrate the moon revolving around the Earth. Pictures of the different phases the moon passes through over the month can be stuck around the plate. For younger children, number the images to stick in order. Older children can label with the phases names.

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