16 Jun 2017

Prescription for Fasting

Lesson Objective:
To understand the reason given in the Qur'an for fasting

Qur'an Verse
O believers! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was for those before you so that you may have taqwa. 2:183. 

Discuss some reason why the children think we fast
- health reasons
- feel what the poor go through
- obedience to Allah

Read the Qur'an verse 2:183 and explain how Allah says fasting was 'prescribed' for us. Where else have they heard that word? Doctors give us a prescription of medicine to take when we are sick. Allah is the greatest doctor. He is telling us that our souls are weak and is giving us a remedy to strengthen and build our taqwa by fasting. 

When we fast, we are starving the body but feeding the soul by obeying Allah. The fasting helps us to become more mindful of Allah and stay away from wrong. 

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