13 Nov 2017


Lesson Objectives:
- To know that you are responsible for your actions towards God and His creation
- To know that you will be accountable to Allah on the Day of Judgement
- To understand free will in choices you make
- To define responsibility as being able to make the right choice
- To know that a responsible person always puts Allah first.
- To know how correctly fulfilling our responsibilities will bring peace to those around us
- To understand how not fulfilling our responsibilities contributes to bringing destruction.

Quran Verse:
Ta’muruna bilma’rufi

Wa tanhawna ‘anil munkar
You encourage good and forbid wrong 3:110

Key Learning Point:
A Muslim believes in Allah and the hereafter and understands that he is here on earth for a short time to do a very important job. He knows that he will return to Allah and be accountable for his actions.

We always have the freedom to choose our decisions but must know that every choice has a consequence. We must be responsible to know the rules of Allah and do the right thing. When we are careful of our duty to Allah our behaviour and actions are correct and we work hard at being the best we can. We obey our Creator and serve His creation, looking after the people around us. We do what is right and our actions bring peace to those around us.

Activity: Live for Allah
The deeds we plant on Earth, will determine how and what kind of life we live, for the the whole of the rest of our lives.

Activity: Sweet Choices
Life is full of choices and every choice has a consequence. Some of them will give you short term pleasure and others long term benefit.

With every choice we make, we must put Allah first. Think, am I doing what Allah has asked me to do? Will it make Allah happy? We must listen to and follow the Quran and our Imams so we can learn how to make the right choice.

Activity: Put God First
A responsible person knows what is important and doesn’t get tempted to do something that seems easier or more exciting instead.

Activity: Build A Strong Community
Every time you do not act responsibly, it has a knock on consequence. You can not blame others for your behaviour. You are responsible for the destruction that your actions cause. 

Activity: Be Proactive
With every choice we face, we must be proactive. Remind yourself that you are response – able. You are able to choose how to respond in the best way
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