28 Feb 2018

Titles of Lady Fatima (a)

Lesson Objective:
- To understand the great character of Lady Fatima (a)
- To choose a quality to learn about and practice.
- To use the month between the death and birth anniversary to learn about Fatima (a)

Fatima (a) was a great lady who reflected all the qualities that Allah loves. She is a role model and an excellent example for us all.

Bibi Fatima (a) was like a flower with a very special smell. The Prophet used to say he could smell the fragrance of Jannah from Fatima.

Title: Umme Abiha - Mother of her Father
Quran Verse: Wa bi al-walidayn ihsaana, Be good to your parents 17:23
Lesson and Activity: Respecting Parents

Title: Abida - The Worshipper
Quran Verse: Wa dhkuru Allaha kathira, Remember Allah much 8:45
Lesson and Activity: Prayer and Tasbeeh Fatima Zahra

Title: Tahira - The Pure One
Quran Verse: Man amila saalihan, falinafsi, Whoever does good, it is for his own soul 45:15
Lesson and Activity: Hadith Kisa and Feed the Soul

Title: Sabira - The Patient One
Quran Verse: Allahu yuhibb as sabireen, Allah loves the patient
Lesson and Activity: Patience

Title: Siddiqa - The Truthful One
Quran Verse: Kunu ma’a al sadiqin, Be with the truthful 9:119
Lesson and Activity: Sermon of Fadak

Title: Mardhiya, The One Allah is Pleased with
Quran Verse: Mardhat Allah, Do what makes Allah happy 2:207
Lesson and Activity: Blessed NecklaceActs of Kindness Are Sweet!Story of Surah Dahr and sincerity

Activity: Flower Craft
Match up the titles and their meanings and assemble together as petal flaps to form a flower.

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