26 Nov 2018

The Importance of Salaa

Learning Objective:
To understand the importance of salaa, why we pray and three key benefits.

Quran Verse:
Akimis salaata li dhikri
Keep up the the salaa for my remembrance 20:14

When we understand why we do something, it helps us to do the action better. We may not like brushing our teeth but we do it 2x a day because we understand why it's important. If we don't our teeth will fall out! We understand that it's for our own good.
When we understand what salaa is and why it’s important, we can change the way we look at salaa not as a chore that we have to do but rather as an amazing blessing that Allah has gifted to us for our own benefit and when you understand what the benefits are you will want to rush to pray salaa in the best way that you can.

Benefit 1: Salaa connects us to Allah and gives us peace 13:28
The word Salaa comes from the word silaa which means connection. Salaa is our connection to Allah. To go to the shops round the corner, you could walk. To get to town, you’d probably go by car. To go to another country you’d go by plane, to the moon, you’d need something much more powerful, a spaceship or rocket...and to get to Allah? We need the most powerful mode of transport – Salah! To reach Allah, we need salah!

Hand sign: Interlink a finger from each hand and pull apart to show a connection.

When you connect to Allah and fill your day with His remembrance, it reminds you that you not alone. There is someone who loves me 70x more than my own mother. What a peaceful feeling!

Hand sign: Make a heart touching the tip of two thumbs/fingers and place on chest.

Activity: Salaa Lifts Us Higher
Use an egg to describe and talk about a scenario of a time when you're feeling sad and alone and everything is getting you down. Place the egg into a glass of water and watch it sink to the bottom. Recite the Quranic verse 13:28 and talk about how at such a time we can connect to and reach Allah with salaa. Add tsp salt water to represent each salaa into another glass of water. Stir and leave to settle for a few mins. Place the egg into the glass and watch it rise. Salaa lifts us higher, it makes us feel close to Allah and gives us peace in our heart.

Benefit 2: Salaa strengthens our taqwa and keeps us away from doing wrong 29:45
During the day we become busy eating, playing and working. You may have spent the morning arguing with your siblings, lying to the teacher about our why we haven't done our homework, being mean to your friends. But then adhan comes, it's time to stop and pray. The salaa helps to bring Allah back into your life, it helps you to refocus and put you back on track to do what is right and stop doing what is wrong. The salaa becomes a way to become more mindful of Allah. When you are aware of Allah it is called having taqwa. Taqwa, comes from the word waqia, to protect. Having Taqwa protects you from doing what is wrong.

Hand sign: Make two strong fists and cross both arms across the chest.

Activity: Wearing Taqwa
By praying salaa and increasing our remembrance of Allah, we strengthen our taqwa and protect our soul by not looking at, listening to, saying or doing what is wrong.

Benefit 3: Salaa gives us success 62:18
When we are not remembering Allah all the time, we are not protected with taqwa, we sink and drown in the confusion of the world. There’s so many things pulling us down, so many choices to make, and we feel confused, what do I do that’s right, what do I do that’s wrong.

But when we pray salaa and remember Allah, we strengthen our taqwa, the coat of protection around us. It doesn’t matter what pulls you down, it doesn’t matter what distractions are around you, your taqwa, your remembrance of Allah will help you make the right choices and stay away from wrong. Your taqwa keep you afloat and you will be successful.

Hand sign: Two thumb up!

Activity: Power of Taqwa

Key Learning: 
Allah doesn’t need our salaa, We need salaa! Allah gave us the opportunity 5x a day to connect to him, reach him and feel peace in our heart. He gave us an amazing tool and weapon to protect us from doing what is wrong. He gave us salaa, to help us to be successful.

Download complete lesson plan: Importance of Salaa

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