26 Nov 2018

Your Character is Your Beauty

Lesson Objective:
- To emphasise the importance of inner beauty 
- To increase awareness of Allah in everyday actions

Quran Verse:
Wa libaasut taqwa dhalika khayr
The clothing of taqwa is the best 7:26

Every day we spend time looking after and caring for our body. In the same way, we also need to make sure we take care and look after our inside character and soul for that is where true beauty lies.

Activity: Your Character is Your Beauty
Fill a cosmetic bag with everyday objects used to look after the body and discuss the connections of how each one can also serve as a reminder to beautify the soul. 

Glasses/Contact lens case
We can all see the beautiful world around us. But Allah is Al Baseer, He has x-ray vision and sees what is inside us too! To Allah, it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, whether you’re tall, short, what colour your hair is or if you wear glasses. Allah cares about your beauty inside.

Hand cream
Helping hands - ‘koonu ansarAllah: be helpers of Allah’ holding open door, picking rubbish, giving

Lip balm
Good words - ‘kullu linaasi husna: speak beautiful words’. T.H.I.N.K before you speak is it true, helpful, inspiring, necessary and kind?

Cotton buds
Clean out your ears! Listen to what Allah has told us, parents, Quran (listener and reciter share reward!) not listen to gossip, foul/indecent language swear words/songs

Sun cream
We use sun cream to protect our skin from harm. The higher the SPF, the Sun Protection Factor the better. Apply your SPF, your Sin Protection Factor 5x a day by keeping up salaa and protecting your soul from harm.

Nail file and buff
File away your prickly behaviour and bad habits. Smooth and polish your good habits, let your manners shine!

The reflection in the mirror only shows your outside beauty. Pray to Allah to help you be beautiful inside too. “O Allah just as you have made me beautiful on the outside, help me be beautiful on the inside”

‘Allah looks at your heart and what you do, not what you look like’. Perfume your heart with good deeds and the remembrance of Allah!

Add a spray of perfume onto the completed heart to make it fun and memorable. Write inside how you will beautify and perfume your heart/The dua to ask Allah to make your inside beautiful.

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