13 Jul 2020

Hajj: A Journey Towards Allah

Bringing together all our Hajj activities in one FREE instant download!
What’s inside?
  • Simple, fun ideas and activities to introduce Hajj and help lay a foundation for preschoolers
  • Creative teaching ideas and activities for each stage of the Hajj journey. 
  • Covering themes of goodness, gratitude, trust and forgiveness, together with Quranic verses.
  • Learn about the rituals and how we can apply them in our lives.

The Hajj Activities eBook will download as one handy PDF document, allowing you to
·        Read the book on screen
·        Save it on your computer
·        Print the entire contents as a book
·        Print just one activity at a time.

Download the FREE Hajj Activities eBook and start your learning journey towards Allah!
Use together with the corresponding Hajj Kaba Calendar, structured to teach each lesson from the eBook over the ten days of Dhulhijja.

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