15 Jul 2020

Hajj Kaba Calendar

Learning Objective:
- to be immersed in learning about the Hajj over the ten days.
- to gain an overview of the Hajj rituals and learn how we can apply them.
- to help visually understand that Eid Al Adha marks the end of Hajj.

Activity: Hajj Kaba Calendar
Make an interactive calendar for Dhulhijja using the calendar inserts which have been produced to be used together with the Hajj Activities EBook. The calendar can also be used as a standalone for younger children.

1. Print the Hajj calendar inserts. Colour in the images and place the inserts either into small envelopes or fold each one in half and number accordingly. The activity numbers at the bottom of each insert correspond to the page numbers in the Hajj Activities EBook.

2. Arrange the envelopes or folded inserts 3x3 onto a horizontal A4 piece of black card which can then be trimmed. You can also paint a black cardboard square. Leave room at the top of the square to decorate with a strip of gold card, paint or tape. Glue down the backs of each folded insert.

3. Press down and close the inserts firmly or secure with a little blue tac. Open each day to discuss accordingly.

Hajj Calendar Inserts
EBook: Hajj: A Journey Towards Allah
Kaba Calendar Craft inspired by Hello Holy Days!
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