8 Jul 2020


A breakdown of the word BALIGHA to talk about that which is important to understand and keep in mind at this new phase of life.

Visual: Your Character is Your Beauty

The reflection in the mirror only shows what you look like on the outside.
Beautiful looks different to different people. 
Some might think it’s having your hair a certain way, wearing certain types of clothes, being a certain height, having certain skin colour.
But it’s important to remember that Allah doesn’t look at your physical appearance, Allah looks at your beauty inside, The thoughts, actions, the beauty of your soul.
Roald Dahl – "When you have good thoughts they shine out of your face like sunbeans and you will always look lovely."
Exactly what Islam teaches us, ‘Your character is your beauty’ – inner glow!
Holy Prophet (S) sent to perfect akhlaq.
(We don’t have any detailed descriptions of the prophets/imams but we have so many stories and examples of good manners from their life – that’s whats important.)
When you put your hand cream on, not just softening your hands, but using them to help others
When you put your lip balm on not just but speak good words
File nails, file away bad pricky habits
Pray to Allah to help you be beautiful inside too. “O Allah just as you have made me beautiful on the outside, help me be beautiful on the inside”

Salaa times to pray at school, Fiqh rules, the kind of friends I have 
How I’m using my time, Am I eating the right food
Aware of making the right choices - Is it good for my soul?
What are my goals?

Visual: Time on Earth is Short

Know that your ultimate goal is the hereafter. It is the purpose for this life on Earth
Our body will die and be buried in the ground, but the real us, our soul will return to Allah. 
The deeds we plant on Earth, will determine how and what kind of life we live, for the the rest of our lives. 
There are so many things around us that tempt and take us away from living the way Allah has said, but we must remind ourselves all the time, 'wal aakhiratu khairun wa abqa, the hereafter is better and more lasting'.

Wajib Qurbatan illalah
Wajib – obey allah
Allah out of His love and Kindness has taught us how to keep our souls pure, so that we can become close to Him. 
He has made certain actions wajib, because they are good for our soul and keep it clean. 
And He has made some actions haram, because they are harmful to our soul. 

Sometimes we might not understand why something is good or bad for us, because we can’t see what it does to our soul. But Allah the Creator of our soul knows what things benefit/harm our soul. He loves us 70x more than our mothers! He is our Rabb, He knows what we need. 

Qurbatan  illalah – to become close to Allah
Not just to make mummy happy, to show people how good I am…but lillah for Allah.
When we obey what Allah has said, it doesn’t affect Allah, but it benefits our own soul.
Man amila saalihun falinafsi, whatever good you do, is for your own soul 45:15

Point to the bottom of your foot and identify how your sole hurts and needs to be protected from dirt, stones, sharp objects by wearing shoes. Just like our SOLES need protecting, so do our SOULS!
We need to guard our soul from the harmful things that take us away from Allah and His remembrance.
Taqwa means being aware of Allah all the time, its like putting a fence around our soul to guard it
Every time we obey Allah, we strengthen the guard around our soul
Fasting especially strengthens that barrier

Wearing the hijab declares your identity – I am a Muslim
Muslim is one who follow Islam
Islam means submitting to, obeying Allah completely.
Be confident knowing you are doing what pleases Allah

Print an A4 picture of the girl whose buloogh you are celebrating and use this for the visual.
By becoming baligh you are now old enough and ready for the responsibility to care of your soul, to beautify it by obeying Allah and doing all the wajibaats and staying away from what is wrong.
It may feel scary, I’m so little, how come I have to do so much?
How will I manage, how will I have strength to fast and pray?
La yukalifullaha illa wus’aha 2:286
Allah never expects or asks us to do something that we aren’t capable of doing
When you become a baligha, Allah gives you a special strength.
Roll up the photo sheet of paper and balance on it each book listing the responsibilities
You may have been little and weak but now you are strong and capable to do all the things Allah has asked! What an achievement!
Allah knows that you are now capable to do what He says and become your best!

Buloogh by QFatima
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