30 Mar 2023

Quran Journalling Resources

Learning Objective:
- To personalise the Quran to aid familiarisation, engagement and reflection
- To bring practical relevance to each ayah
- To use colour coded tabbing to index and highlight verses

Quran Verse:
Why do they not reflect over the Quran? Are there locks on their hearts? 47:24

The Quran is the Word of Allah. Each verse is speaking directly to you. Each verse in the Quran is called an Ayah, a sign. It is a sign that guides us to Allah. It is important to understand what we are reading and spend time to reflect on what guidance Allah is giving us and how we can apply it in our life.

My Quran Journal - For Kids

Printable PDF by @creActivitybyGwan

Short illustrated video reflections on an aya a day to aid personal Quran Journalling.

Activity: Colour Coded Tabbing
Use different coloured tabs to explore themes in the Quran such as; Duas, Quranic Advice: Values and Vices, Stories, Questions and Personal inspiration.

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