2 Oct 2023

Quran Page A Day


Quran Verse:
Inna haadhal Quraana yahdee lillatee hiya aqwam
Indeed this Qur’an guides to that which is most upright 17:9

Learning Objective:
- A project for older teens to start building a personal relationship with the Quran
- To read the Quran in English to gain a familiarity with it's contents
- To build a regular and daily habit of engaging with the Quran

It takes less than five minutes to read a page of the Quran! Dedicate a part of your day, everyday to learn about the Quran, the most important and essential manual from our Creator filled with guidance on how to live a successful life. 

Activity: Quran Page a Day
Read a single page of the Quran in English and rewrite the key points in your own words as a way to process your understanding. At this stage you are not using any external sources of reference or explanations. Mark any questions that arise, highlight verses that stand out for you and journal your thoughts. 

A fantastic free to listen resource presenting a lesson from each page of the Holy Quran, aiding understanding with context and practical implementation. An inspiring programme to start your own journey, using the Quran as a guide to tab and find one lesson per page.

Each page contains, the Arabic Uthmani text, English translation by Ali Quli Qara’i and half a page blank space for your own reflection and study notes.

Displays the Quran page exactly as displayed in an Uthmani 15 line Arabic mushaf with access to audio and verse by verse explanation from An Enlightening Commentary into the Light of the Holy Qur'an.

Quran Journalling Resources: Ideas to aid your Quran journey

Monthly Challenge Ideas:
  • 30 Day Habit Tracker: Start off the project by tracking your reading to ensure the building of a good strong habit.
  • Lesson Per Page: Write one lesson/takeaway for each page and tab your learnings. 
  • Listen to the recitation: The Quran was an audible miracle. Listening holds spiritual impact and there is benefit that its sound and vibrations hold. (The Quran Hadi app makes it easy to select one page to listen)
  • Reflection Prompts: My Qur'an Study Journal by SBTC has reflection prompts for each day
  • Quranic Truths: Highlight and compile verses that you can hold onto to strengthen your faith
  • Memorisation: Choose short phrases to memorise
  • Quranic Themes: Use coloured tabs/highlighters to mark Quranic duas, verses addressed to belivers, stories, Names of Allah etc. 
  • Quranic Reflections: Dive a little deeper by reading more about one of the verses on the page using the archived weekly reflections by Academy of Learning Islam.
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