16 Aug 2023

Pictorial Quran Surah Tabs


Activity: Pictorial Quran Surah Tabs
To index the surahs in the Quran for easy reference and to aid learning of the surah names and numbers using visual images that illustrate the chapter titles. has created beautifully illustrated Quran tabs and offers them as a free PDF download which can be sized to your preference. 

By printing the document at 50% original size or 2 per page directly onto A4 sticker paper/labels, will allow you to easily cut and stick each image directly onto the end of small coloured sticky flag tabs.

Larger size images can be printed onto white card to hold its weight and glue in accordingly. 

Note: If your Quran opens to the right like the one translated by M H Shakir, then you will need to reverse your tab printing settings to right-left

Download PDF Quran Tab Images by

Place the sticky half of the index tab onto the Quran page and place the pictorial image tab sticker onto the other half of the index strip (45x12mm) so that it protrudes when closed.

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